"So One May Walk In Peace"

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Getting started at Krav Maga Santa Cruz and is easy and fun. Join immediately by signing up at the gym or schedule a meeting with one of our Coaches.

Joining Krav Maga Santa Cruz includes enrollment into Warrior Yoga (Satvana Yoga) and CrossFit Amundson. In order to forge elite levels of fitness and a resilient body and mind, Krav Maga Santa Cruz strongly recommends all all new members to begin with CrossFit and Yoga.

No experience in Krav Maga, physical fitness or martial arts is required. Training is conducted in a positive and encouraging atmosphere with an emphasis on developing fitness, technique and a winning mindset. When you are ready to join, please visit our registration page and bring the completed forms with you.

Krav Maga Santa Cruz Enrollment Programs:

Krav Maga Santa Cruz “Bag Fit Conditioning Class:” 

This is an awesome class  that combines a dynamic warm-up with bodyweight exercises, CrossFit Striking and Krav Maga combative skills on the heavy bags at Krav Maga Santa Cruz. We recommend staying for Satvana (Warrior) Yoga immediately following this class. Bag Class is every Thursday from 5:15PM to 6PM, and Warrior Yoga is 6PM to 7:15PM.


Krav Maga Santa Cruz (and CrossFit Amundson)
3603 and 3703 Portola Drive
Santa Cruz, CA, 95063
Located at the intersection of 37th Avenue and Portola Drive in the same shopping center as CrossFit Amundson and Coffeetopia.

Krav Maga Schedule:

Please see our Schedule Page for the most up to date information.

Please Note: Our current Yellow Belt class is underway, with an anticipated test and graduation in June, 2017. The next Yellow Belt (the starting belt for Krav Maga) will begin in late June, 2017. Please email Info@CrossFitAmundson.com to reserve your spot!

Krav Maga Santa Cruz Pricing Options for New Members: 

$125.00 for month-to-month payment option.
$99.00 monthly (requires auto-pay and six month agreement).
$85.00 monthly unlimited for Military and Public Safety with valid ID card.

Note: Enrollment into Krav Maga Santa Cruz includes enrollment into CrossFit Amundson and Satvana Yoga.