"So One May Walk In Peace"

Private Training

Krav Maga Santa Cruz is pleased to offer private training in both Krav Maga and fitness. Private training is a wonderful choice for people interested in customizing their training based on individual needs and operating environments. Private training can be conducted at the Krav Maga Santa Cruz gym, in outdoor training locations or in the privacy of your home.

Private training is also available for families, couples and groups. In group-private training, principles such as team movement, team tactics and planning are taught and applied in dynamic Krav Maga drills.


Hourly Private: $75.00. (For Groups of 1 or 2)
Hourly Group-Private: $125.00 (For Groups of 3 to 6)
Private 4 Hour Seminar: $400.00 (For Groups of 7 to 15)

Schedule a Private!

To schedule a private class, private seminar of group-private, please contact: Info@KravMagaSantaCruz.com.