"So One May Walk In Peace"

Situational Training

Outdoor Krav Maga Training Location in Aptos, CA.

Several times each month, Krav Maga Santa Cruz conducts training outdoors and in environments where violence is likely to occur. The goal of environmental training is to teach situational awareness and educate the Krav Maga Athlete on how to defend themselves or a loved one in the “Real World”. Locations for environmental training are chosen based on current trends for reported attacks in Santa Cruz County, as well as historically documented locations where attacks have occurred in major cities around the Country. Athletes empower themselves by learning how to operate confidently in their environment at home as well as abroad.

Training in Krav Maga is intended for use under the worst case scenario. Self-defense and the use of combatives are easy in the comfort of the gym. However, what about on a stair-well, in an elevator, on a bus or in a taxi, in the confinement of an airplane isle, or while seated at a resturaunt? These are the conditions that Krav Maga Athletes learn to excel in. When the going get’s tough, the Krav Maga Athlete get’s going!

Training in precarious environments also educates the Krav Maga Athlete on how to evaluate their surroundings at all times. Principles such as seeking cover or concealment, positioning in public places and selecting escape routes are understood, practiced and ultimately mastered.