"So One May Walk In Peace"

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Welcome to Krav Maga Santa Cruz!

Our mission at Krav Maga Santa Cruz is to educate and inspire you to make personal safety and physical fitness a part of your life. Our guiding principle is that through proper training and mindset, everyone is capable of, “Walking In Peace”. In today’s society, “walking in peace” means more than simply having the skills to protect yourself from attack. We believe that Krav Maga and dedicated fitness training provides people with the courage and personal belief to live the life of their dreams. Krav Maga teaches people how to be at peace with themselves, with others, and with their life circumstances.

Krav Maga Background:

Krav Maga is the official self-defense and fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces. Krav Maga emphasizes easy-to-learn techniques that have been battle-tested in life threatening confrontations.

Krav Maga is a street-oriented self-defense program that is favored by Federal, State and local Law Enforcement Agencies across the United States and World. Krav Maga is characterized by a logical and coherent approach to self-defense that enables one to achieve a relatively high level of proficiency within a short period of instruction.

Fitnsss – Combatives – Mindset


At Krav Maga Santa Cruz, we take physical fitness very seriously. In addition to learning self-defense techniques and combatives, we spend a great deal of time developing ourselves as Athletes. We believe the stronger and more resilient the body is, the more capable we will be at protecting ourselves and others. Our strength and conditioning program at Krav Maga Santa Cruz is designed to meet and exceed the metabolic demands of a life threatening encounter. We are seamlessly integrated into the curriculum and enrollment of CrossFit Amundson in Santa Cruz, CA.

We like to describe Krav Maga as, “The Functional-Fitness based Martial Art’s Program.” We make this claim because Krav Maga focuses on functional movements executed at high intensity. After all, what could be more “functional” than protecting yourself or a loved one from a violent attack?

Many of the principles from the workouts we utilize at Krav Maga, such as core to extremity movement patterns, midline stability, driving through the heels, active shoulder and line of action are directly applicable to the study of Krav Maga. Therefore, an Athlete is able to achieve a high level of capacity in Krav Maga in a short period of time. Furthermore, by applying the theory and principles of  both a physical fitness program and martial arts program simultaneously, Athletes are able to develop incredible conditioning, body awareness, mental toughness and a Warrior Spirit.


Self Defense and combatives are the foundation of the Krav Maga program. Krav Maga’s various techniques have been developed to enable those who train in Krav Maga to defend themselves and others against hostile and violent actions, while overcoming and neutralizing their attackers. Krav Maga’s self defense techniques include defenses against a wide variety of both armed and unarmed attacks. All Krav Maga techniques are taught as principles. These principles, when understood, enable the Krav Maga Athlete to employ one technique in a variety of defensive situations.


Goal Setting, Positive Selk-Talk and the development of a winning mindset are three tenants of Krav Maga Santa Cruz. The lessons we learn through disciplined physical training become immensely applicable to every aspect of our lives. We call the application of the fitness and combatives capacity acquired through Krav Maga to life the “Krav Maga Mindset”.

The Krav Maga Mindset teaches people how to remain keenly aware of their surroundings at all times. Awareness of our surroundings, our physical abilities and our mental state of alertness and readyness are absolutely essnetial. Krav Maga also instills character values such as respect, selfless service, honesty and integrity.